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Task Force for Veterinary Science Article Archive

On the National Institute of Drug Abuse Consensus Conference on Acupuncture- Editorial by Wallace Sampson

NIH Funds Research into "Distant Healing" for 150 HIV Patients

Letter to Antech

Tea Tree Oil Toxicity

Acupuncture: Nonsense with Needles

Acupuncture, Naturopathy and other Health-Care Wanna-Bes

Alternative Medicine Has a Lot of Soul: Observations of a Lexicographer

The Evidence for Evidence-Based Medicine

Naming Medicinal Herbs: The Confusing Quagmire of Names

Chinese Herbs: Some Things to Remember

Scott Fausel's letter to Compendium

Suit filed against Florsheim, manufacturer of Magneforce Shoes

Acupuncture, Fools, and Horses

1996 "Guidelines for Alternative and Complementary Veterinary Medicine"

St. John's Wort Equivalent to Placebo for Treating Depression


Letter to the AVMA

The "Persecuted" Doctor

Magnetic and Electromagnetic Therapy in Horses

Oral Joint Supplements

Massage Therapy

Victor Stenger, directly addresses some of Joanne Stefanatos's more egregious errors in

Chapter 16 of Schoen and Wynn:

Ayurvedic Veterinary Medicine

A Critique of Dr. Sherry Rogers' Chapter 29 Environmental Medicine for Veterinary


Ethnoveterinary Medicine: "Ethnoscience" or just Anti-Science?

A Critique of Dr. Jean Dodds' Chapter 5 Pet Food Preservatives and Other Additives

Adverse Reaction : Milk Thistle-Associated Toxicity

Chinese medicine in the Western World...


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