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Introduction to Veterinarywatch (formerly the Task Force for Veterinary Science)


The mission of Veterinarywatch is to promote animal health and welfare, to protect consumers from fraudulent, unsafe, and unproven veterinary practices, to promote science-based medicine and the critical examination of medical claims and to provide sound information and leadership to veterinary practitioners and their clients."

We believe the honest and rigorous scientific examination of new and unconventional ideas, claims and therapies is absolutely essential to the sound future of medical practice. Therefore, we support such rigorous investigation. Furthermore, when the preponderance of evidence from properly designed and implemented studies supports the efficacy and safety of a particular "alternative" therapy, said therapy should be embraced by the veterinary profession. Likewise, if it fails to meet this standard, it should be repudiated by the profession.

We are not here to "bash" "alternative" or "complementary" therapeutic claims. We're here to encourage critical examination of the objective evidence and science, or lack of same, supporting such claims.



Proposed Activities and Goals for Veterinarywatch:

1. Providing veterinary practitioners with critical scientific information and resources regarding "alternative" and "complementary" therapeutic claims. This would include writing "position papers" on various "alternative" claims/therapies to be made available over the Internet and via conventional mail. It would also entail writing (and/or editing/reviewing) and submitting columns, articles, and "letters to the editor" to appropriate veterinary, scientific, and lay periodicals/publications.

2. Establishing and operating an interactive "alt vet med" Website providing veterinarians with scientific information on, and critical evaluation of, "alternative" medical claims, and products. Such a Website would also provide veterinarians an opportunity to discuss "alternative" claims and alleged therapies with advocates of science- and evidence-based medicine. Eventually a moderated "alt vet med" newsgroup might also be established.

3. Providing speakers (and, where appropriate, booths) for veterinary conventions and local, state, and national meetings.

4. Establishing a program whereby courses and lecture programs dealing with critical thinking, scientific examination of "alternative" medical claims, veterinary health fraud and quackery issues, and the epistemology of science are organized and included in the curricula of the nation's 28 veterinary schools.

5. Establishing a student organization for the advancement of science-based rather than anecdote-based or magic-based medicine.

6. Challenging the "AVMA Guidelines on Alternative and Complementary Medicine," and similarly flawed guidelines adopted by other veterinary organizations, on the basis that science, rather than profit, anecdotes, or metaphysical belief, should be the ultimate arbiter of what is or is not deemed "approved veterinary practice."

7. Establishing an Academy of Veterinary Science.



Dozens of prominent veterinarians, academicians and scientists have volunteered to make their expertise available to both the veterinary profession and the public under the auspices of Veterinarywatch.

Veterinarywatch Advisors



For an account of recent activities and accomplishments, see our 9-14-00 electronic NEWSLETTER.



New Internet list for "alt vet med" skeptics:

Prof. Phillip Johnson, DVM, DACVIM, at the University of Missouri School of Veterinary Medicine has recently created a new Internet list titled ALTVETSKEPT-L. The ALTVETSKEPT list is intended to serve as a forum for veterinarians and other individuals who are interested in discussing issues related to the proliferation and uncritical acceptance of unproven and disproved therapies among members of the public and especially within the veterinary profession. Those interested in joining the list may do so by accessing Here.



Currently, anyone wishing to join Veterinarywatch must do so by contacting Dr. Ramey using our contact form.

Anyone wishing to contribute to this page, or wishing to take part in Veterinarywatch, contact David Ramey, DVM.


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