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Anti-Quackery Webrings:

There are numerous on-line resources dealing with various bogus health claims. A web ring has been established - here are the current sites.


Anti-Quackery Resources -- Home for this WebRing
Resources & links for Quackbusters and others concerned about the spread of non-science nonsense.

Anti-Quackery Web Rings
From here you can access more information about the two sister rings:
"Anti-Quackery Ring" & "Anti-Quackery LINKS Ring". .

Action for Victims of Chiropractic
Support to victims of Chiropractic and other manipulative pratices causing stroke or other serious injuries in the UK

The Alternative Medicine Advisory Page
The Alternative Medicine Advisory Page offers reliable, science-based information on human and veterinary alternative medicine modalities, including acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and energy therapy. (a.k.a. the Alt Med Advisory Page)

Andrew A. Skolnick, Science and Medical Journalist
Articles and photographs by award winning science and medical journalist Andrew A. Skolnick -- including exposes on medical quackery, psychics, and other paranormal frauds.

Anti-vaccination Liars
A special place should be reserved in Hell for people who want to kill or maim children by preventing them from receiving vaccinations.

Canadians for Rational Health Policy
Canadians for Rational Health Policy is a group of scientists, clinicians and laypeople who believe that compassionate health care should be based on sound scientific evidence. We are concerned about the growth in unproven (& possibly harmful) "alternative medicine" therapies. We are particularly interested in the scientific evaluation of the claims made by "alternative medicine" practitioners.

Cancer Fraud Action Network
The Cancer Fraud Action Network is a nonprofit company founded by lawyers and medical professionals, some with cancer and all affected by cancer. Our sole purpose is to put an end to the fraudulent and deceptive practices and products related to the treatment of cancer, by providing free services to victims.

A skeptical guide to chiropractic history, theories, and current practices
We focus on what's wrong with the chiropractic profession and its institutions. Beyond the unproved theories, there exists a cult of chiropractors who are religious zealots, who prey on accident victims, who set up bogus companies to defraud the public. Some chiropractic treatments are dangerous. Neck manipulation can kill young healthy people. Come see us for a second opinion about chiropractic.

Cluster Quackery: water cluster snake oil
There are over 20 producers of "clustered", "unclustered" and various other fictional structure-altered waters promising everything from energizing the body to reversing ageing. This site profiles and debunks these pseudoscientific scams.

Consumer Health Digest
Free weekly e-newsletter that summarizes scientific reports; legislative developments; enforcement actions; news reports; Web site evaluations; recommended and nonrecommended books; research tips; and other information relevant to consumer protection and consumer decision-making.

Dental Watch
Your guide to intelligent dental care. The site provides basic dental information and debunks misleading claims for dental products and services.
If you've been ripped off by diet scammers, is one place that may help you get your money back. We focus on outrageous claims, international money launderers and potential terrorists who rip you off. They use private mail boxes, and hide their money in offshore bank accounts. If you don't believe any of the claims, but send for the junk anyway, it's your own fault. Visit and get even.

Gary Posner's Website
Gary P. Posner, M.D., is a medical software company executive, founder of Tampa Bay Skeptics, contributing editor to "The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine," and investigator of paranormal and fringe-science claims. is the webzine of the American Council on Science and Health, which strives to separate real health risks from media and activist scare stories.

HealthWatch UK
HealthWatch - for treatment that works HealthWatch promotes: The assessment and testing of treatments, whether 'orthodox' or 'alternative'; Consumer protection of all forms of health care, both by thorough testing of all products and procedures, and by better regulation of all practitioners; Better understanding by the public and the media that valid clinical trials are the best way of ensuring protection.
Herbal medicines can kill. Whether they are prescribed by your "doctor" or just purchased at your health food store, they can be dangerous. We profile the marketing, the bogus advertising, and the harmful effects of herbs, in an industry that is out of control.

Your skeptical guide to homeopathic history, theories, and current practices

Illusions In Health Care
Focusing on iridology, this small, but slowly growing site is an attempt to rationally take on a few of the false ideas that are accepted by some as true health care.
Spotlights faulty science used to promote a special agenda.

The Millenium Project
Like cockroaches, the vermin who lie about cancer cures, or about the dangers of vaccines, or about magical medical products and treatments, or about mythical diseases dislike exposure to the light. This site exposes them. The site was inspired by the anti-vaccination liars, and this collection of the most putrid examples of the depravity and insanity that can affect mankind is a perennial target.

MLM Watch
A skeptical guide to multilevel marketing. The site warns that nearly all MLM companies selling health-related products exaggerate their value, and the vast majority of people who become distributors do not make significant income.

The Naked Chiropractor
It is a consumer friendly site featuring the evidence based medical approach to back pain. An anti-quackery site with links and educational opportunities.

National Council Against Health Fraud
NCAHF is a nonprofit, tax-exempt voluntary health agency that focuses on health fraud, misinformation, and quackery. Its members are health professionals, educators, researchers, attorneys, and other concerned citizens.Our Web site contains hundreds of articles that can help people evaluate health claims.

Qakatak-Australian Skeptics
A site within Australian Skeptics dedicated to supplying accurate information about pseudo-medicine. The visitors' books are discussion forums broken up into 7 different categories for easier reference.

QuackeryWatch on
We focus on more than just bogus health information and holistic practitioners. If you have questions about naturopathy, homepathy, iridology, Vega Machines, colloidal silver, and coral calcium, this is a great place to start. Don't get ripped off by the ads you see in your local newspaper, or on the Internet. We've got hundreds of pages that profile major health scams.

The Quack-Files
Alternative Medicine, Quackery, Health Fraud -- The Other Side of the Coin!

Your guide to health fraud, quackery, and intelligent decisions. Free weekly newsletter

Rocky Mountain Skeptics
Colorado skeptics website. We specialize in medical quackery (esp. therapeutic touch) but deal with all forms of pseudoscience.

(Swedish only) This site has articles and news about pseudoscience in general and alternative medicine in particular.

Skeptic News
The Skeptic News provides links to recent news items of interest to skeptics, as well as notifications of recent updates on other skeptic web sites.

The Truth About Herbalife
Rich provides his commentary, personal views, gripes and 'at-a-boys. "Should I encounter a moment of clarity, I hope to have it recorded in these journals."

Vaccination Facts
Vaccination is one of the most successful public health measures in human history. Anti-vax propagandists deny this fact. Their misinformation is potentially one of the most dangerous ideas commonly circulated and believed within alternative medicine circles. Here are some of the facts. Go to the sites and read the wealth of information they have.

Victor J. Stenger
Books, essays, and articles on science and religion, pseudoscience, and alternative medicine from author of Not By Design, Physics and Psychics, The Unconscious Quantum, Timeless Reality, and Has Science Found God? Alt med page contains essays on energy medicine and quantum quackery.

Water Wellness Schemes and Scams
"Energized" and "ionized" waters, vortexes and vibrations, biophotons- and then there's the really weird stuff! This site profiles and debunks these worthless products.

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